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Wellness & Nature


2 days hiking on Frankenweg

The title "Green Crown of Bavaria" decorates the Frankenwald right, as half of the North Franconian holiday area is covered by dense forests. The natural beauty of this natural park, which also contains jewels such as the medieval town Kronach or the Plassenburg, is a highlight. There is a rapid change of wavy plains, gentle ridges and narrow valleys, which were created by the incisive force of rivers and streams.

Castles, ruins and old smithies also belong to this uncontaminated landscape between the Thüringer Wald and the Fichtelgebirge as well as their straightforward people.

The people there are closely connected with their forests, as they formed the base for their living in the glass and porcelain industry as well as the rafting and cutting mills. As far as Amsterdam, the raftsmen on Main and Rhein took the fir trees of the Frankenwald.

The trail "Wanderbares Deutschland" starts right at the end of the Rennsteig. Over 520 kilometers run through the Frankenwald, the Upper Maintal, the Altmühltal and up to the Schwäbische Alb.

Our tour passes through romantic river valleys, deep forests, promising hillsides, fortified castles with significant history, and you will also be able to enjoy the Franconian hospitality, which is reflected not only in the excellent cuisine and the even better beer.

The Höllental
The Höllental is a valley under nature protection (FFH) with the river Selbitz flowing through. It is located in the Frankenwald on the border of Thüringen, at the bottom of the town Lichtenberg. It is deeply carved and enclosed by very steep rocks. To our ancestors, a journey through this valley which narrows itself several times to a canyon, appeared purely hellish - according to the legend. Today, the visitor finds a wild-romantic piece of nature, which seems like a paradise and invites you to use one oft he many walking trails and relax in beautiful surroundings. The actual landmark of the Höllental is the Hirschsprung - a wooden carved depiction of a jumping stag, which according to the legend saved itself by a jump over the valley to escape from its pursuers. Worth a visit is also the walk to the view point König David, where visitors are rewarded with a magnificent view over the Höllental and the surrounding landscape.


  • 1. Day:
    Arrival, optionally dinner, overnight stay.
  • 2. Day:
    After breakfast, we take you to the start of the Frankenweg at Untereichenstein. Following a lovely walk through the Höllental back to Naila, you can use our in-house sauna and enjoy dinner.
  • 3. Day: 
    After breakfast, you walk to the Bischofsmühle or Elbersreuth and we pick you up from there.


  • 3 nights with breakfast buffet and transfers
  • Accommodation: Room with shower/WC

All-in price:

  • Double room:  € 118,- per person
  • Single room:  € 153,-

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