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Family tradition since 1502

Our restaurant „Grüner Baum“ in Naila has a long tradition. Before 1803 it was called “Bamberger Hof” or “Bambergisches Wirtshaus”. The house is assumed to be the home of the Hagen family (mentioned in 1502 for the first time) but does not really deserve this name fully.

It came into possession of the family after the 30-year-war. In 1576, a certain Jorg Weber had been given it as a vassal by Ludwig von Wildenstein, who received it for his part of the Bishop of Bamberg.

Johann Georg Hagen (1632 – 1683) was the first of the Hagen family who managed the property after his marriage in 1660. After his death, it was taken on by the tenant Willhelm Heinrich Stephel.

The next owner within the family was Wolf Adam Hagen (1679 – 1747). He was the son of above mentioned Johann Georg Hagen.

It is assumed that Wolf Adam Hagen sold the Bamberger Hof around 1724. Before, it was owned by Johann Adam Hagen (1674 – 1734).

From this moment, the property was kept by his direct descendants until the present time. In 1734, it was owned by his son Salomon Willhelm Hagen (1711 – 1773)

The later owners were:

  • Johannes Hagen (1749 – 1828)
  • Johann Adam Hagen (1780 – 1841)
  • Johann Christoph Hagen (1816 – 1883)
  • Johann Georg Hagen (1855 – 1912)
  • Christoph Emil Hagen (1892 – 1954)
  • Hans Adolf Hagen (1923 – 2004)
  • Hans-Jürgen Hagen (born in 1958)
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