Hiking through the Grand Canyon of the Franconian Forest!

The Höllental is a protected valley (FFH) through which the Selbitz flows. It lies in the Franconian Forest on the border with Thuringia, at the foot of the town of Lichtenberg. It is deeply incised and enclosed by very steep rocky slopes. Our ancestors thought that a journey through this valley, which narrows several times into a gorge, was hellish. Today the visitor finds a wildly romantic piece of nature, which seems rather paradisiacal and invites to hiking and staying in wonderful surroundings. The actual landmark of the Höllental is the Hirschsprung – a wood-carved representation of a jumping stag which, according to legend, saved itself from its pursuers by jumping. The walk to the viewpoint of King David is also worthwhile, where one is rewarded with a magnificent view over the Höllental and into the landscape.